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Ship Chandler Novorossiysk

Shipchandler Novorossiysk best ship Supplier at Novorossiysk port, all piers and anchorage area, Novorossiysk Ship chandler is a company which provides all kinds of Maritime Services to ships arriving at all ports of the Russian Black Sea Ports

Bulk carriers, tankers, armed, needed all kind of services. Including food supplies, repair parts and many others.

Once Novorossiysk Ship Chandler have established in the market and have earned the respect and trust of Novorossiysk Ship Supply customers Ship Supply Novorossiysk became partners of issa after a long evaluation. They elected us to be part of their partnership. Likewise, recently we obtained HACCP certification, which proves that Shipchandler Russia run very high quality and service standards. Considering us actually one of the top Ship chandlers companies around all Black Sea ports

Novorossiysk Shipchandler Purchasing / Logistics team uses the latest techniques to safely and timely supply the foods and materials that support the onboard operation. Quality control is emphasized throughout the purchasing and transportation processes.

Black Sea Ship Supply founded with a very simple mission in mind: To offer the best quality product at the lowest possible price. One single word, “quality“ became the the main definition that we will always have in mind to keep us on the top line and advance in the world of Maritime Supply

Shipchandler Novorossiysk has revolutionized the ship supply service industry in Novorossiysk. Shipchandler Novorossiysk office and warehouse are located very near to Callao port (just 10 minutes).

Shipchandler Novorossiysk commitment is to satisfy an ever-growing customer base with our outstanding service and quality guarantee.

As Ship Chandlers Novorossiysk Shipchandler have an excellent infrastructure and are always able to assist you in:
•Full Service Marine Supply – Deck Stores, Engine, Cabin & Bonded Supplies
•Provisions – Fresh, frozen food and vegetables
•Safety Equipment.
•Lloyd’s approved Inspections with certifications Lifeboats, Extinguishers
•Marine Publications, Charts (British Almiralty)

Shipchandler Novorossiysk is the option you should consider if you want quality, variety of products, and a team that knows your needs. Novorossiysk Ship chandler are ready to work for you and ensure that your ship is always supplied ahead of time and according your budget. Ship Chandler Novorossiysk to be your best ship supplier at Russian port Black Sea Side

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Address and Contact Details
Russia, Novorossiysk, Tsemdolina, st. Factory 64а, warehouse 12, office 1
+380 93 104 10 41